Caddy rear axle, VW Braunschweig

At the Volkswagen plant in Braunschweig, we implemented an automated production line for VW Caddy rear axles. The sequence includes incoming paint racks, transfer of the parts to the processing machines, and the output of the finished parts. The system checks quantities and sorts out defective parts; a job manager optimally adjusts the production sequence.

Technical Details


Loading/unloading of Unior machines and camera inspection


  • Feeding of the raw parts from painting racks, incl. feeding of the racks
  • Transfer of the raw parts from the gantry and loading/unloading of the machines
  • After unloading, transfer of the parts to the measuring cell
  • IO/NIO differentiation via Cognex camera system
  • Unloading into racks for finished parts, incl. ejection of the racks


  • 2x SINUMERIK 840D sl
  • 3x KUKA KRC4
  • Robot 3: KR 210 R3100 ultra


  • Job manager for optimum capacity utilization with automatic type changeover
  • Control of the number of parts fed, in line with the target number of pieces of the respective type, as well as the associated type-related loading of the processing machines
  • Automatic ejection after evaluation of the machining process
  • Evaluation via camera mounted on the robot
  • Infeed/outfeed of SPC components
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