The machines must keep running

Our work plays a key role in the production processes of our customers. Therefore, our key factors are quality, reliability and rapid response.
Jochen Gebhardt, Managing Director

The Company

We are specialists that make intelligent and efficient production processes from your manufacturing facilities:

  • PLC and NC programs for machining centres
  • Intelligent control of fully automated production units
  • Integration of sensors and cameras for process control
  • Man machine interfaces and safety engineering
  • Data connection to host computer and PDA systems

Our control concepts ensure that your production processes run smoothly and safely. You can avoid production interruptions and idle times, and ensure the quality of your products. Thereby the control technology is an important factor for the success of your company.

Complete solutions for your automation engineering

  • Are you planning a new manufacturing facility?
  • Should an existing plant be modernized or expanded?
  • Or do you simply wish to better utilise the full potential of your facilities with a better control concept?

Gebhardt Steuerungstechnik GmbH is your partner for all control technology tasks. We develop precise solutions, which are individually tailored to your requirements and systems. Our expertise covers all steps, from plant layout and process management through software programming, circuit diagram generation and data management, to commissioning and employee training.

Range of services

Successful since 1999

When Jochen Gebhardt founded the company in 1999, the focus of the work was already programming of fully automated production facilities. Since then, the Gebhardt team has expanded its customer base, and is now working for many German and European car manufacturers (Audi, BMW, Daimler, Fiat, Opel and VW) and their suppliers (Bosch, Conti, GETRAG, Hörbiger and ZF). International projects are, among others, for Ford in the U.S. and China.

Long years of experience and expertise, combined with special emphasis on careful work, form the basis of our success. Our customers appreciate the commitment and availability of our team, even for servicing already successfully operating systems.