Reference Projects

Our work plays a key role in the production processes of our customers. Therefore, our key factors are quality, reliability and rapid response.
Jochen Gebhardt, Managing Director

  • Caddy rear axle, VW Braunschweig
    At the Volkswagen plant in Braunschweig, we implemented an automated production line for VW Caddy rear axles. The sequence includes incoming paint racks, transfer of the parts to the processing machines, and the output of the finished parts. The system checks quantities and sorts out defective parts; a job manager optimally adjusts the production sequence.
  • Ring gear crimping, ZF Saarbrücken
    The ZF Saarbrücken plant handles the entire work process fully automatically, from feeding and aligning the components to transporting them to the processing machines and depositing the finished ring gears. Out-of-order parts are sorted out.
  • Flywheel production at ZF, Bratislava
    For the gear manufacturer ZF, we have programmed and placed into service a plant in Bratislava (Slovakia) for the assembly of the dual mass flywheel (DMF) qogttvx. A particular challenge here were the two KUKA JET robots on a carriage for transporting parts to the individual processing stations.
  • Screws manufacturing for the aerospace industry in ALCOA, Hildesheim
    In the plant maintained by us, screws are rotated, measured, rolled and labelled fully automatically. After processing, the finished parts are placed in the transport containers. The data is made available to production monitoring via MDE / PDA interface.
  • Camshaft production at Daimler, Berlin
    The camshaft production at Daimler in Berlin consists of 9 fully automated operating sequences, from turning operations of the raw part to high-pressure cleaning and final measurement. The individual operating sequences are decoupled with box stacking modules in order to produce flexibly.
  • Cam production at Daimler, Berlin
    The fully automated plant in Berlin motor factory of Daimler AG produces cams for the downstream camshaft production, and also carries out a quality check.
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