Ring gear crimping, ZF Saarbrücken

The ZF Saarbrücken plant handles the entire work process fully automatically, from feeding and aligning the components to transporting them to the processing machines and depositing the finished ring gears. Out-of-order parts are sorted out.

Technical Details

ProjectCramping of ring gears at ZF Saarbrücken
  • Feeding the raw parts
  • Alignment of the ring gears and plates
  • Transfer to the crimping machines
  • Transfer to the balancing station
  • Depositing of the finished parts
  • Sorting out the NIO parts


  • 1x SINUMERIK 840D sl
  • 2x KUKA KRC4
  • Robot 1: KR 10 R1100
  • Robot 2: KR 120 R2500 pro
  • Pre-alignment of the stacked raw parts (plates)
  • Alignment device for 2 components
  • Detection of the stack height by the robot
  • Unloading and loading in one step
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